Meet The Team


Jazmin Norman


Proud 2 Be Me is one of my long-standing dreams coming to life! As owner and coordinator, my passion for working with children dates back as far as I can remember.  Spending most of my childhood and adult life in different parts of Essex County, I understand the importance of cultural confidence, education,
and structure in the lives of children. It was no surprise when my first job was as a camp counselor.  It was such a memorable and fulfilling experience for me!  During my high school years, I continued to work with children.  My peers and I participated in a peer leadership program to create programs that targeted the young people in our communities.Deciding a career path to pursue in college was a challenge, but ultimately I chose Dental Hygiene (which I love to this very day). While attending college at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark, NJ— it solidified my passion to continue working with children. Since graduating, I have worked at several pediatric dental offices. My desire to work with children has grown more than I could have imagined through these experiences.  I started on my journey to develop a learning center that focuses on self-esteem, education, cultural history, fun, and the fundamentals of life.
Many of my future scholars and their parents may recognize me from Brilliant Smiles Pediatric Dental or from their schools working with Onsite Dental Team cleaning their teeth and educating them on dental health. This time provided me the opportunity to recognize and research some of the needs of our community all while developing trust filled relationships with the children and their parents.


Aimee Jimenez

My name is Aimee Jimenez, I recently joined the Proud 2 Be Me team as the lead teacher. My dream has always been to be a teacher since I was in 3rd grade. Everything I have done from being in an older sibling program to being a substitute teacher has been to improve my teaching method as well as my teaching style in an effective manner. I see myself as a positive and giggle-y person who has an enthusiastic outlook on life. I love being around children, and I love teaching. I get this great sense of achievement from seeing my students’ eyes light up once they finally understand something they struggled with. I enjoy watching my students develop and grow as individuals. I feel that I am doing my job well if I have a positive relationship of trust with my students because I will be able to further impact their future in a positive manner. I am also a very organized and effective communicator both verbally and written in English and Spanish, which I believe is an important trait to have in order to be a competent teacher. I believe that by furthering my education as a teacher and obtaining a doctorate degree I will fulfill my  desire to have a positive and effective impact on my students’ education and lives.

Lead Teacher


Alnisa Amin

Lead Teacher

Teaching introduced itself to me. There was a time where I was lost in college and unsure of where to embrace my skills freely. After graduating High School with an associates degree my time in college was limited. In my freshman year of college I sat with my counselor as we walked through the details of how my credits were transferred from high school allowing me to advance into junior classes. Straight out of 12th grade, I sat and created a schedule filled entirely of junior college classes. Shortly after I adjusted to college life, after not knowing which path to take I finally discovered the world of being an educator and immediately sought out jobs to gain experience. There was no time to waste! Teaching has been my escape. I've always carried the skills of leadership, patience, dedication, as well as the constant desire to see the work that I put into all things that crosses my path. It gave me the confidence to share my experiences, knowledge and creativity with the youth. Once teaching became my path there was no other place that i considered teaching in than my own home city, Newark. It is a great accomplishment when you are able to help build a better  foundation for the kids in your own city, that are growing up on the same streets that you grew up on. Teaching is non stop proof! It is proof that I am changing the lives of people just like me, in the city that I was raised in. I am proud to be a big part of the reason someone is succeeding in life, whether young or old. My goal as an educator is to be so great at what I do that as time goes by the greatness that I've instilled into my students carries out into their neighborhoods. In my years I have made connections with students through teaching, teachers assistant, as well as a child special education therapist. My goal is to continue on building more relationships with students all over my city. It is a must that I show them what their full potential looks like!